International EMERGENCY CARD. Your digital medical report. All your medications, allergies, contact person, contact to your doctor in one place. Always at your fingertips. The first card that takes pride of place in your wallet. 


We're helping Ukraine

To help as many refugees with health problems as possible, we have also added a Ukrainian language version to our app.

Your current health medication right at hand.

You will upload information to your Roch card that can help all medical personnel to rescue you faster. You'll never forget anything again.

The security of your data in the first place.

Your data is uploaded to a secure server that no one but you can access.

You decide what information will be on your card.

It is in your interest to have as much information as possible on your card about your current health and current medication. Contact information for a loved one or residence can help facilitate communication between you and your rescuer.

You need a ROCH CARD because...

  • You have allergies
  • You suffer from any disease
  • Do you take regular medication
  • You don't want to rely on others
  • You have a bad memory
  • You don't have a contact person on your ID
  • You're a responsible person
  • You don't want to worry.
  • It's easy.

How does it work?

ROCH CARD has an integrated smart chip that communicates with a secure server. When you attach it to a mobile device that is connected to the internet, a web link pops up on the mobile device and you click on it. When you open the website, you create a profile where you enter all your details such as allergies, current medication, contact details of a loved one, any illnesses you suffer from and last but not least you can also enter your GP.

You will only need a phone number to log in to the system. Email is not necessary.

The Roch card works throughout the European Union so you don't have to worry about foreign trips.

What happens, when something happens?

You have to think about keeping your ROCH CARD with you at all times. Or whenever you know there's a risk. Our team of experts recommends carrying the card in your wallet so you never forget the card that could save your life. When you're not feeling well, or your condition is less than optimal and requires help, the ROCH CARD is with you. As soon as you present your Roch Card, the person who comes to your aid will know what medications you are taking, what allergies you have, and who your attending physician or contact person is. This means that, for example, a municipal police officer can immediately call your contact person to come and get you, or a paramedic can contact your personal physician to immediately start treatment for your current condition. The ROCH CARD can "speak" all world languages, so you don't have to worry about presenting your card abroad.

How did it all come about?

The project under this name was created because we have enough situations where a person is stressed, unwell and calling for help. Thanks to this card, the ROCH CARD holder will have the most important information about his/her medication with him/her at all times. He will no longer have to think long and hard about what medication he is currently taking and what phone number his loved one has. Who his doctor is and what allergies he has.

Origin of the ROCH CARD.

It comes from the very name of our project. Roch of Montpellier was and is the patron saint of all sick people, doctors and hospitals. That's why we decided to name this project after him, in tribute to him. At the same time, we firmly believe that this project will not only have a spiritual overlap, but will also help where it is most needed.  

It can save your life and greatly simplify your assistance.

You can't miss your wallet, documents and ROCH's CARD every time you leave home.